eggs bandalier (not including toast or scone)...  $14.95
poached eggs on corncakes, black bean chili, roasted red peppers, feta, salsa, organic greens


brioche french toast...  $14.95

served with maple syrup, raisins, sliced bananas


cornmeal pancakes...  $14.95
served with maple syrup

add berries or bananas  $2.95


nuclear pancakes...  $14.95
multigrain recipe with maple syrup

add berries or bananas  $2.95







soy cheese or egg whites upon request, served with toast (honeywheat or sourdough) (GLUTEN-FREE bread add 1.75) or choice of home style scones and rosemary-roasted potatoes



austin's favorite omelette...  $14.95
chicken-apple sausage, red onions, tomatoes, guacamole, jack cheese


garden omelette...  $14.95
zucchini, mushrooms, guacamole, red onions, tomatoes, feta, basil, garlic


olympian omelette...  $14.95
spinach, feta, tomatoes, kalamata olives


santa fe omelette...  $14.95
black bean chili, guacamole, roasted red peppers, jack cheese


shiitake omelette...  $14.95
tomatoes, fontina cheese, fresh herbs


smoked turkey omelette...  $14.95
guacamole, feta, roasted red peppers, garlic







soy cheese or egg whites upon request, served with toast (honeywheat or sourdough) (GLUTEN-FREE bread add 1.75) or choice of home style scones, (rosemary-roasted potatoes with egg dishes except with *)



*chicken hash (chicken-apple sausage w/ potatoes & onions)...  $14.95
two eggs any style, sliced tomatoes, sprinkled with fresh herbs


eggs lulu...  $14.95
scrambled with chicken-apple sausage or soy chorizo, spinach, pesto


lox, eggs & onions...  $14.95


smoked salmon plate on la brea bagel...  $18.95
with cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, sliced red onions, kalamata olives, capers, cucumbers


breakfast sandwich...  $14.95
turkey bacon, egg, iceberg lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese on sourdough

(not including toast or scone)


*huevos or tofu rancheros...  $14.95 
corn tortillas, black bean chili, guacamole, jack cheese, salsa, sour cream

(not including toast or scone)


potato latkes...  $14.95
chicken-apple sausages, seasonal fruit, sour cream and apple butter

(not including toast or scone)


breakfast quesadilla...  $14.95 
w.w. tortilla with scrambled eggs, feta, chili sauce, guacamole, topped with sour cream

(not including toast or scone)


tofu scramble with sauteed veggies and herbs...  $14.95
with soy chorizo  15.95


three eggs...  $12.95
with chicken-apple sausage or turkey bacon  14.95


eggs benedict (weekends and holidays only)...  $14.95 
poached eggs and smoked turkey on english muffin topped with hollandaise sauce


Phone: 310-392-4937

Fax: 310-392-0622

Email: figtreebeach@gmail.com





$2.75   coffee
$2.75   cafe au lait
$2.75   americano
$2.75   espresso
$3.75   double espresso
$3.75   cappuccino
$4.75   double cappuccino
$4.75   latte/mocha/white

$2.95   machiatto

$3.95   double machiatto
$4.50   ghirardelli hot cocoa
$3.75   oregon chai latte

$3.75   iced tea

  china black

$3.75   Numi teas (pot)

  black, green, herbal






$10.95 fruit bowl

$8.50   yogurt frou frou

  granola w/ raisins & bananas

$7.95   granola

  raisins & bananas 

$6.95   chix-apple sausage (3)

$6.95   turkey bacon (3)

$6.95   soy chorizo

$2.95   toast

  honeywheat or sourdough

  gluten-free 4.50

  w/ cream cheese 5.50

$3.95   toast w/ cream cheese

$3.95   bagel 

onion, plain, sesame

w/ cream cheese 4.95

$2.75   home style scones

  apricot, cranberry, currant, 


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